Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two Weeks and Counting!!!

Two weeks ago today I ordered my first set of books.  Because finances were tight I ordered 10  and hoped I could sell them.  I know people say they will always buy from you, but 10 books were alot to sell!!  I thought!

My original goal was to sell 10, order 10 more, etc and see what I could do.  A friend said, here let's order 50!!!  I gulped and thought really?  I asked her why she was doing this and she said, "Because I believe in you!!"  So we ordered 50 and they arrived two weeks ago today late in the afternoon.  Since then, this is what has happened. 


How can I sell 98 books when I only had 60.  People are "pre-ordering" them for the party.  We have 150 books coming and hope that will be enough for everyone.  If not more pre-orders will be taken and they are all local so it will all work out!!

The other exciting news, my book is now available in Day's Market (Provo on Canyon Road) next to their post office inside the store.  I need to go in and mail some books off today and can hardly wait to see my books in a store.   I will take some pictures and post!!  So exciting!!!

This is the two week mark.  My original goal was to sell 100 books in a month and thought that would be hard to do!  Don't get me wrong it is hard, but very doable!!!  I have met that goal at the two week mark!!

Thank you everyone again for your support!!!  Happy reading and please remember to leave a review!!  I have four of them now!!  I was told you need to eat an elephant one bite at a time and I am trying to remember that!!

Chomp Chomp -- Have a great day everyone!!!

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