Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gearing up for the Book Release Party!!!

I have a lot more appreciation for all those marketing folks out there who strive to get their products, ideas, events etc. out to the public!  It is not only a lot of work but a lot of attention to detail!!! 

This week's results are the following:

The ball is rolling for friends and classmates in Iowa to order the book.
This also applies for friends in Texas and Utah.
I have ordered 50 copies to sell here in Utah to friends. Would you like one?  Contact me!
I have sold one book IN PERSON!!  Yeaaa (but I forgot my sharpie! =(  )
I am on  my way to deliver my first book to a store who will hopefully display them locally!
Several have gotten their book and I am hearing comments, but no reviews yet.  =(
UVU (my alma mater) is writing a book called the 100 Faces of UVU Alumni.  I submitted my story.
And submitted my news item to the UVU Alumni newsletter!

But the most exciting part:


It will be June 8th at 2:00 at a friends home with a view overlooking the beautiful Provo Valley!!  If you would like an invite you have to email me!!!
The FB Event has been created! Did you get yours?
If you are on FB check us out!!
The name tags have been created!!  
The invitations are created and ready to go!!
Three of the seven local people that have a chapter in my book have committed to coming!
There is free food!!!  And....

Books for Sale for $10!!!

Exciting times.....Thank you everyone for your continued support and love!!! 

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