Saturday, May 25, 2013

Books! Books! And More Books!!!

It has been a crazy crazy crazy week!!!  The books are selling and I have one review on Amazon!!  So if you have bought the book and read it, please write a review for Amazon!!!

A high school classmate told me she ordered the book, but couldn't wait for it to come so she ordered the Kindle version and said, "Laura I can't put this down!!  I love it!!!"  Surprisingly the next morning I got up and had sold five more copies.  Seems she went out and told her friends!!  Ha ha Thanks Julie!!

On the other hand, the first three people I mailed  books to got their copies on Friday.  My friend Sharon said she went straight to Chapter 15 My Love Affair with Theme Park Junkies. Here and her beloved BJ are mentioned in the chapter.  They have a very sweet story but it was also the beginning  of BJ's health.  She went on to tell me of her husband's decline in health.  It made me feel sad for her that it reminded her of all the things they can no longer do together.

This week was the funeral for Frances Monson, wife of Thomas Monson who is the leader of my church and I believe to be a living prophet on earth today. I saw a sadness in him as he lost his beloved companion.  It doesn't get easy, even with the knowledge of the Gospel.  We have emotions in us for a reason.  We are here to feel joy and sadness, hurt and pain.  If we don't how can we ever know the joy of life without feeling the pain?  There is a reason for all. 

I have learned in my own life, it is okay to feel those emotions, but not to dwell in them.  Often times if dwell in the hard emotions like sadness, or hurt and pain it begins to bring us down.  The keyword there is DWELL.Thinking how much you miss your loved one will spin you into depression.  I believe the key to avoiding that and to live your life as best you can, is to find ways to serve others.  If you have a passion or love for a hobby or talent, find a way to volunteer.  You will be serving others that creates that feeling of joy and helps you deal with the things in your life.

My struggle right now is to not get over zealous in my joy of all that is happening with my book.  Because as much as we can go into depression from the sadness of life, I think we can also become prideful and boastful in our doings from the joys of life.  I do not want to go there.  I love the peace and joy I feel in me right now.

So for my friend Sharon and others who have lost loved ones, or know the time is nearing.  Find those small amounts of joy you can and do them together.  Whether it is playing a game, writing family histories, spending more time with family, taking a quick vacation....whatever "that" is to put it on the good side and not the bad.

We often hear life is all about choices.  Sometimes others choices impacts our lives in negative ways. Sometimes it will be the cycle of life.  Whatever the reasoning, remember you do have a CHOICE!! It may not be the one YOU WANT but the whole key is to find a way through the trial or challenge as best you can.  Dwelling and staying in that "place" should not be an option or a choice. This is the reason I have shared my story, to let all know to have HOPE and they too can do it!!

If you have read Friends...Lessons of Life I would love to hear your story and thoughts!!!

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