Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Day Has Arrived!!!

The magic button was pushed, copies ordered, AND my book is now available on Amazon in both paperback AND Kindle version.  Here are the links:

Friends...Lessons of Life (paperback)

Friends...Lessons of Life (Kindle Version)

This has been quite the journey to get the book to this stage.  I don't know if I ever really thought it would happen. I know that I have now opened up my life to the world.  That can either be good or bad.  For me personally, I knew the more I wrote, and the deeper I got involved in the book, the more drive I had to finish it.  I just had to stop and heal along the way.  I was hoping it wold come to this, a book...But I never could really envision the finished product. It is a great feeling to work on something for so long and see it come to life!!!

I think sometimes we say we are going to write a book  or fulfill some life dream, but to actually do it, is a whole other thing!!  I think many start it but never get to the finish line. When you do, your thoughts turn to "Okay what do I  do now."

I am already working on my second book, nothing like this one.  My second book will be a Children's Book.  Stay tuned  for more details for that one.

Please leave your feedback and comments and let me know what you think of the book.  You can read an excerpt on Amazon.  As always....THANK YOU!!!

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