Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two Weeks and Counting!!!

Two weeks ago today I ordered my first set of books.  Because finances were tight I ordered 10  and hoped I could sell them.  I know people say they will always buy from you, but 10 books were alot to sell!!  I thought!

My original goal was to sell 10, order 10 more, etc and see what I could do.  A friend said, here let's order 50!!!  I gulped and thought really?  I asked her why she was doing this and she said, "Because I believe in you!!"  So we ordered 50 and they arrived two weeks ago today late in the afternoon.  Since then, this is what has happened. 


How can I sell 98 books when I only had 60.  People are "pre-ordering" them for the party.  We have 150 books coming and hope that will be enough for everyone.  If not more pre-orders will be taken and they are all local so it will all work out!!

The other exciting news, my book is now available in Day's Market (Provo on Canyon Road) next to their post office inside the store.  I need to go in and mail some books off today and can hardly wait to see my books in a store.   I will take some pictures and post!!  So exciting!!!

This is the two week mark.  My original goal was to sell 100 books in a month and thought that would be hard to do!  Don't get me wrong it is hard, but very doable!!!  I have met that goal at the two week mark!!

Thank you everyone again for your support!!!  Happy reading and please remember to leave a review!!  I have four of them now!!  I was told you need to eat an elephant one bite at a time and I am trying to remember that!!

Chomp Chomp -- Have a great day everyone!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Books! Books! And More Books!!!

It has been a crazy crazy crazy week!!!  The books are selling and I have one review on Amazon!!  So if you have bought the book and read it, please write a review for Amazon!!!

A high school classmate told me she ordered the book, but couldn't wait for it to come so she ordered the Kindle version and said, "Laura I can't put this down!!  I love it!!!"  Surprisingly the next morning I got up and had sold five more copies.  Seems she went out and told her friends!!  Ha ha Thanks Julie!!

On the other hand, the first three people I mailed  books to got their copies on Friday.  My friend Sharon said she went straight to Chapter 15 My Love Affair with Theme Park Junkies. Here and her beloved BJ are mentioned in the chapter.  They have a very sweet story but it was also the beginning  of BJ's health.  She went on to tell me of her husband's decline in health.  It made me feel sad for her that it reminded her of all the things they can no longer do together.

This week was the funeral for Frances Monson, wife of Thomas Monson who is the leader of my church and I believe to be a living prophet on earth today. I saw a sadness in him as he lost his beloved companion.  It doesn't get easy, even with the knowledge of the Gospel.  We have emotions in us for a reason.  We are here to feel joy and sadness, hurt and pain.  If we don't how can we ever know the joy of life without feeling the pain?  There is a reason for all. 

I have learned in my own life, it is okay to feel those emotions, but not to dwell in them.  Often times if dwell in the hard emotions like sadness, or hurt and pain it begins to bring us down.  The keyword there is DWELL.Thinking how much you miss your loved one will spin you into depression.  I believe the key to avoiding that and to live your life as best you can, is to find ways to serve others.  If you have a passion or love for a hobby or talent, find a way to volunteer.  You will be serving others that creates that feeling of joy and helps you deal with the things in your life.

My struggle right now is to not get over zealous in my joy of all that is happening with my book.  Because as much as we can go into depression from the sadness of life, I think we can also become prideful and boastful in our doings from the joys of life.  I do not want to go there.  I love the peace and joy I feel in me right now.

So for my friend Sharon and others who have lost loved ones, or know the time is nearing.  Find those small amounts of joy you can and do them together.  Whether it is playing a game, writing family histories, spending more time with family, taking a quick vacation....whatever "that" is to put it on the good side and not the bad.

We often hear life is all about choices.  Sometimes others choices impacts our lives in negative ways. Sometimes it will be the cycle of life.  Whatever the reasoning, remember you do have a CHOICE!! It may not be the one YOU WANT but the whole key is to find a way through the trial or challenge as best you can.  Dwelling and staying in that "place" should not be an option or a choice. This is the reason I have shared my story, to let all know to have HOPE and they too can do it!!

If you have read Friends...Lessons of Life I would love to hear your story and thoughts!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gearing up for the Book Release Party!!!

I have a lot more appreciation for all those marketing folks out there who strive to get their products, ideas, events etc. out to the public!  It is not only a lot of work but a lot of attention to detail!!! 

This week's results are the following:

The ball is rolling for friends and classmates in Iowa to order the book.
This also applies for friends in Texas and Utah.
I have ordered 50 copies to sell here in Utah to friends. Would you like one?  Contact me!
I have sold one book IN PERSON!!  Yeaaa (but I forgot my sharpie! =(  )
I am on  my way to deliver my first book to a store who will hopefully display them locally!
Several have gotten their book and I am hearing comments, but no reviews yet.  =(
UVU (my alma mater) is writing a book called the 100 Faces of UVU Alumni.  I submitted my story.
And submitted my news item to the UVU Alumni newsletter!

But the most exciting part:


It will be June 8th at 2:00 at a friends home with a view overlooking the beautiful Provo Valley!!  If you would like an invite you have to email me!!!
The FB Event has been created! Did you get yours?
If you are on FB check us out!!
The name tags have been created!!  
The invitations are created and ready to go!!
Three of the seven local people that have a chapter in my book have committed to coming!
There is free food!!!  And....

Books for Sale for $10!!!

Exciting times.....Thank you everyone for your continued support and love!!! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Day Has Arrived!!!

The magic button was pushed, copies ordered, AND my book is now available on Amazon in both paperback AND Kindle version.  Here are the links:

Friends...Lessons of Life (paperback)

Friends...Lessons of Life (Kindle Version)

This has been quite the journey to get the book to this stage.  I don't know if I ever really thought it would happen. I know that I have now opened up my life to the world.  That can either be good or bad.  For me personally, I knew the more I wrote, and the deeper I got involved in the book, the more drive I had to finish it.  I just had to stop and heal along the way.  I was hoping it wold come to this, a book...But I never could really envision the finished product. It is a great feeling to work on something for so long and see it come to life!!!

I think sometimes we say we are going to write a book  or fulfill some life dream, but to actually do it, is a whole other thing!!  I think many start it but never get to the finish line. When you do, your thoughts turn to "Okay what do I  do now."

I am already working on my second book, nothing like this one.  My second book will be a Children's Book.  Stay tuned  for more details for that one.

Please leave your feedback and comments and let me know what you think of the book.  You can read an excerpt on Amazon.  As always....THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Magic Button Was Pushed!!!

What is the magic button you ask?  It is the "Approved" button!  The next step is for Amazon to setup my page for sales!!! The "it" is my book:

I saw a quote by Jack Canfield I want to share: 

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

I made the final corrections to my book on Monday afternoon.  But try as I might, I could not press that approve button.  I knew by pressing that button, I was exposing myself to the world and I was fearful of what others would think, say, do etc.  I know I have come a long way in my life, but there will always be the critics.  I didn't know if I was ready for them.  

Then I went to a meeting on Monday night and the lady that spoke talked a little about fear.  So many things enter our live that make us fear life.  Whether it be an illness, life situation, family, whatever it may be, we all have fear.  And the only way to get past that fear is to face it.

In my book is a chapter called "Putting Aside the Running Shoes."  It is about my friend Tim who lost his wife to AIDS and raised his son alone.  But he wasn't really alone.  He had his extended family, friends, church family and Broadway family that stepped in when he needed it. And that is what we need to remember with our lives.  We are never really alone.

You see my whole life  I feel like I have ran.  And each time I did, I thought life would get better. A long the way I met incredible people and learned valuable lessons.  I realized I was just gathering more pieces of the puzzle to my life.  

On Tuesday morning, I said a prayer and pushed the magic button!!  I have ordered my first 10 copies of the book, and soon it will be available for all!!!  

It is hard for me to imagine that it is finally to this.  This journey that started in March 2002....and it has been a journey!!  I have shed  many tears, a few giggles, gained new love for my friends and stronger faith in my life.  But I think more importantly, I am learning to overcome fear!!