Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Attention...

It has been an amazing week in the Friends…Lessons of Life journey.  I mailed books to UVU (Utah Valley University), Seagull Book, and a distributing company.  My reviews increased, and I did my first speaking engagement.  So my job is now to spread the word and to get my book out.  How do you get attention from someone who gets several requests (not going to say hundreds because that would overwhelm me) so I will just think they get several every day.  It’s like sending out a resume.  You have to find a way to make sure whoever is giving you their 15 seconds of time by looking at your resume, something will peak and you are put in a “MAYBE” or even “YES” pile.  So it goes with books.

One of my goals doing this, is that I wanted to do it debt free.  In my research I didn’t want to do the printing of 1,000 books and then have to try to sell them.  I decided on the POD which means Print on Demand.   People can go to Amazon and order one copy and it is sent to them.  What I love is that I can track sales from here and people can write a review and leave their thoughts.

The week started out with 13 reviews, but I set a goal of 20 by week’s end.  Here it is Saturday and I have 19 reviews, so looking for one more.  Because the people at the above companies have never heard of me, I feel the reviews will help peak their interest to want to find out more and actually read the book.

I also love the thoughts and what everyone has taken from the book.  One little 11 year old wrote she liked Chapter 1 the best because I talked about when I was a child and she was a child now. For some it has impacted their friend relationships.  Have they been kind?  Have the inspired anyone?  Or hurt anyone not knowing it?  Some it just gives them hope to keep preserving at life. I love my reviewers!!!

Next time I will go into why I have chosen UVU to try and place my books.  Thanks again for all your support and love!!  Get ready for the ride!!!

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