Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And the Stories Begin......

The day before my book release party, I saw this thought come across my news feed on Facebook:

Have you ever felt beaten up emotionally, like life has kicked you to the curb? Even if you find yourself in a place you didn’t quite plan on, hold on to the things that matter most. God is always mindful of you, and your faith can carry you even when you cannot see the way.

My first thought is THAT IS SOOO ME!!  I thought about my book and the journey it had taken me on so far.  I was so excited for the book to be done and being able to celebrate with my friends at the book signing.  After all they were my friends, they would be excited to support me right?  Then the declines started to come and often I would hear the words “little party.”  I felt silly.  Maybe I was just tooting my own horn.  “Little party” made me think maybe I was hoping and imagining for more than what I thought the book was capable of doing.

My HOPE was that I could inspire others on their journeys through life. That is what I wanted. I know how hard it is.  And I know how hard it was to write this book and expose myself to the world. I was propping myself for the backlash from strangers, not friends.

Here was my reply to the thought on my news feed:

I need to share this one.....this is exactly what I have had to do in my life!!! When I began to share my story with others they told me I should write a book.....I laughed. I didn't think I could ever inspire anyone. But I know I have. The book is finally done (after 11 years), published and released. Tomorrow is the book release party!!! This statement is just so true.....we have to have FAITH!!!

Then on Sunday morning, I received the sweetest email. 

Hello, I just had to tell you, it caught my attention how after 11 years you are releasing your book!!! Congratulations, you inspire me!! I started my autobiography, and put it away, cause I shed so many tears, it's painful the things we go through life we carry deep in our hearts, but once it's written it takes another form!!! I want to get a copy, where will I find one? I am still working on mine, and will continue till I too will finish it! Thanks for the inspiration!  I. Frias

When I told my friend about this, she told me I needed to keep track of these.  So I thought I would share some here on my blog starting with this one.

But my question to myself has been why must our “friends” say the things they do?  Why must we try and manipulate people, or belittle them in small ways to make them feel foolish? Is it to make them feel better about themselves?  Is it jealousy?  Or do they really not know how hurtful their words are? I will never know the answer to those questions.  But I do know, I will always try to be supportive in the hopes and dreams of others.  You never know when a “silly little idea” turns into a dream of a life time!!   Whatever your dream is, you are the only one who can fulfill it!!  Just have Faith!!!

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