Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why I started with Utah Valley University...

For those who don't know, Utah Valley University (UVU) is located just south of Salt Lake City, UT and one of two major universities in Utah County.

One of the reasons I contacted the UVU bookstore was because I am an alumni of the school and have many contacts. Plus I was an employee of the school at one time and know people who know people.  The buyer I talked with at the bookstore was kind but a bit hesitant about my book. After all I am a new author and no one knows me from diddley squat…YET!  Nevertheless he invited me to send him one for review. He said something to me that made me think about what I could really do to get my book in the bookstore.  I was asked if I was speaking on campus or was it being used in any department?

I have a motto in life, “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go!”  But in order to learn as you go you must be teachable!!! We must be aware of our surroundings and the things happening around us.  Too often we focus and concentrate on ourselves.  Why do we have to be first, or take all the awards, or trophies and and then brag about it all?  While I am sure that is all nice and looks great on a resume, I think it takes away from that teachable part of us we all need to be.  I don’t have to be first, and I don’t have to win, I just have to do my best. So that is what I am trying to do with my book.  Simply do my best.

Going back to UVU when I was asked about speaking or my book being used in any department, I spoke with a friend.  I didn't feel I was in a position to do a speaking engagement, but the department idea peaked me.  She suggested a couple of departments I should contact. I first sent an email to the department coordinator introducing myself and a little about my book.  I then included links to my reviews and to my blog.  I was hoping that would at least peak some interest.  Within a couple of hours I received an email inviting me to send a copy of my book for review!! Not only the invite, but gracious words of possibly using my book in their department.  Now obviously a math department or science department will have no need for my book.  BUT there are plenty of other departments that just may have the need and want to purchase…MANY!!!

It’s been interesting there are many who have given me advice of what I should and should not do with my book. One was to mark up my book more than what I am selling them for.  But I decided early on to make them affordable to anyone who wants a copy.  The reason for the inexpensive pricing and when you are in a college bookstore, even more appealing!

I have to remember why I wrote this book. I did it to  inspire people and give them hope.  I cannot lose sight of that goal.  So starting off with one bookstore that may seem like small potatoes to some is okay. Because I have learned in this life you take one step at a time and eventually you will get to the top.

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