Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slow Process.....but an update.

I realized it has been a while since I have done an update, so here goes.  Currently as we speak my book is with two people  in Salt Lake City.  One has read the book, but I learned her husband is a PRINTER of book and doesn't really deal with manuscripts.  However, his wife has read it. We have a mutual friend, and she told her she needed to read it first then they could discuss it.  Womp!!! 

The second person it was  given to has not read it yet.  Much going on in their life. Womp!  Womp!!

But I have also been told, and it was suggested to me to self publish the book rather than try to get it in Deseret Book.  It takes quite some time to do so if it is accepted, and also they will take the majority of the profits.  Hmmmmm

Upon further investigation I found out I can still get it into Seagull Book.  I am thinking about just taking this route. I gave it to another man in my ward to read.  Why?  1) I would like to get a man's perspective.  2) He does alot of public speaking, has authored books etc.  I think his view on it will help me tremendously!!

So that is where the book stands today.  The waiting game.  It is soooo hard!!  But as one friend told me, you have waited this long what's a few more weeks or months!!!  UGH!!  Maybe, but this week I also found out I was losing my job on May 31.  So now I am bit more pressed to get this out!!  I have also been working on  my children's Christmas Book.  I have been trying to be optimistic and hopeful.  It will come.....I need to pull out those patience lessons I learned in the past and brush back up on them!!!

In the mean  goes on.  You do all you can do and let God take care of the rest.  That is what I am doing!!! 

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