Sunday, March 24, 2013

DONNY OSMOND is missing!!!

I bet that caught your attention didn't it?  This is from Chapter 6 of Friends...Lessons of Life.  It is about how I met my friend Cindy which has to do with "Donny Osmond" being missing!!!  I loved Cindy and will always be grateful for her.  Here is a snippet of the first paragraph from her story:

DONNY OSMOND IS MISSING!  The headline in, “Around the Town”, a local newspaper column definitely made me stop and take notice. As an Osmond fan, this was big news to me.  If Donny Osmond was missing, I would have known!  I went back and read the entire story. It was not about the singer at all. Someone had lost her cat, Donny Osmond. I could feel the little girl's heart break. Speculation was that Donny had been kidnapped, because according to Cindy he was a beautiful cat.

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