Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who Wants to Win a Free Copy?

Okay so here I sit tonight all antsy and giddy over my book!!  My friend has been proofing it for me and just gave me her feedback this evening.  Corrections are mostly made, a couple more things to do and it will be done again.  Then I send it off for another proof and let another person read it.  Once I approve the proof it will then be published and available on Amazon. 

So here is what I am thinking!!  Why not get you all antsy, giddy and excited as me??  Just leave a comment here (on he blog) with your prediction of when it will be released and like us on FB (yeah sorry you have to do both so we can get the page going!) and who ever is closest will win a FREE COPY!!!

Here is the link to the FB Page:

Sound good?  Start those clicking fingers going!!! 

Thank you all for your continued support!!! 


  1. Let me think....Will be released May 2013. Thant would be my guess. Good luck and congratulations! I'm very proud of you! We miss you!

  2. Well I hope it is sooner than this, but my guess is June 1, 2013. Good luck LL Moore!