Monday, September 26, 2011

Progress Progress Progress.....

Sorry I am a slacker in the update department, but here is the latest news.  As of Friday Sept 23, 2011 seven people have the book and are reading it.  Mainly I just want to see if it flows and makes sense.  One person who offered to read it, was a childhood friend of my sisters in Iowa.  

Interesting story:  (I love stories in case you have not noticed that yet!)  A childhood friend of my sister found me on Facebook and said "You are Traci's sister!!  You look just like her!!"  I vaguely remembered Lana. Traci and Lana went all through school together.  She wanted to get a hold of Traci and I had no idea how to do that (we have since remedied that situation!). Lana was friends with Cara and I remembered her family living up the street from us.  So then I connected with Cara and her mother.  They barely remembered me, they knew Traci more and heard the stories about me.  So now Cara is one of my readers!!!  Kind of cool huh?

I am hoping to have the book published by November so we can get it out for Christmas.  I was debating if I was going to self publish or try for a bigger publisher and decided to go with the self publishing.  We will see what happens from there.  A friend told me Saturday night, "If you write it they will come."  Ha

Faith right?  Anyway the book is one step closer to being finished.  I think I am going to release it on both Blurb and Amazon.  Blurb, because we can get "hard copy" for those who want it signed.  Ha Ha And Amazon because you can download it to your Kindle.  I am taking this one step at a time and learning as I go.  I know next time I will be a bit wiser!

Hugs all around....Laura

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